Hi, I'm
Filip Blazevski.

A full-time full-stack software engineer.

I'm a passionate engineer with currently four years of experience. Despite being relatively new to the tech industry, I enjoy exploring and leveraging cutting-edge technologies that have the power to transform the world.

In a constant shifting tech world, I strive myself to mastering the intricacies of full stack development. Leveraging cloud technologies, frameworks, and tools, I aim to build robust and scalable solutions that will last its lifetime.


Blackmagic Design

Software Engineer

2022 - Current

Being proficient in my cloud skills (particularly AWS), I currently work at Blackmagic Design on their cloud solutions in the videography industry. Working on intuitive features such as near real time collaboration in video editors, to cloud oriented project libraries and presentations, to “Camera to Cloud” feature where recording on a Blackmagic Camera can upload directly into your video editor speeding up the post production stage significantly.


Chief Technology Officer

2022 - Current

After buying my first home, I met with a couple with a bold idea. To revolutionise the trade industry by making it easier to manage their business from one place. I volunteer my free time on this project where I act as the chief technology officer, providing guidance and solutions for the platform being built. Currently a work in progress, the platform will allow traders to manage many aspects of their workflow through one web application, with features such as onsite quoting, tracking the entirety of the jobs progress from quotes to payments and see real time insights about the jobs they conduct.



2020 - 2021

Intelematics works in the automotive industry. Having being around Intelematic's products and services, I started getting into the full-stack experience during my role. One of the major products I worked on was a solution regarding vehicle safety and security. Working on both back end and front end, I worked on delivering critical, real-time vehicle incident data on a custom built call centre web application, providing potentially life-saving technology that empowers smarter and faster emergency responses.


Associate Developer

2019 - 2020

Leveling up my skills, it was time to show what I learnt. I worked on multiple products, ranging from a battery preventative maintenance solution to prevent vehicle breakdowns due to battery failure, to a connected vehicle solution utilising a dongle plugged into the car with real time data flow and processing which could then show statistics about driving such as trips, harsh accelerations/braking, and errors on the vehicle computer. During this time I mostly worked on the back-end systems.


Graduate Developer

2018 - 2019

As a graduate I focused on absorbing as much as possible about the tech sector. I occupied myself with mastering programming languages and web development frameworks, working on projects to build my skills in front end and back end. A significant portion of my time was dedicated to exploring cloud technologies such as AWS, allowing me to leverage the benefit of cloud computing, including scalability and efficiency. With these skills as a graduate I completed three AWS certifications.

Future Smith

Back-end Developer

2017 - 2018

Future Smith was a platform that strives to support ageing well in Australian communities. Upon graduating university, I volunteered for Future Smith as a back-end developer/tech guidance to build a platform that would enhance the volunteering experiences of retirees, but has since evolved to include a broader range of projects under the ageing-well umbrella.


At Blackmagic Design, I currently work as a full stack software engineer with a focus on building scalable and efficient solutions utilising AWS (Amazon Web Services). Using their services such as , , and . I work with as the back-end language of choice, and being the front-end language of choice. Most of the architecture for the platform is built using , Working closely with a team of talented developers and testers I work closely with them through the entire development cycle. From idea conception, to solution design, to development, testing, release and maintenance.

At WorkflowU and in my daily work, I work with a wide variety of technologies to assist in development such as Atlassian's suite: BitBucket, Jira and Confluence, with IDE tools such as VS Code, Jetbrains' GoLand and WebStorm. Here, I utilise my skills in problem solving, self direction and innovation

Because of the wide variety of roles I perform in my work, it allows me to gain a variety of skill-sets outside of my technical expertise, such as leadership, creativity and experimentation and this is one of the reasons I love to build small apps in my spare time, expanding my knowledge using the react technologies like and . I also explore further cloud solutions such as with to unify the cloud architecture with an all in one full stack web development framework.

While I do not use the following in my daily work anymore, I have worked on backend services programmed in Java, Python and Postgres. I have also worked on infrastructure as code utilising

Special Achievements.

Finalist Candidate

Hills Young Innovator Award

Hill's Young Innovator Award was an Australian national competition award for the most outstanding innovations in ICT. Limited to 25 years of age or under, I was one of the two candidates who still attended secondary school to reach the finals with my proposal of a single sign on application for bring your own device in schools.

August 2014

Developer Associate

AWS Certification

Achieving the AWS Certified Developer – Associate certification validates a candidate's skills in developing applications on the AWS platform and is recognized by employers as a credential of AWS proficiency.

January 2019

Solutions Architect Associate

AWS Certification

Achieving the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certification demonstrates a candidate's proficiency in designing scalable and reliable AWS-based systems.
It is a valuable certification for professionals involved in architecting cloud solutions and is recognized by employers as a benchmark of AWS expertise.

February 2019

SysOps Administrator Associate

AWS Certification

Achieving the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate certification demonstrates a candidate's proficiency in operating and managing systems on the AWS platform.
It is recognized by employers as a credential of AWS expertise in sysops and administration.

February 2019


Swinburne University of Technology

Bachelor of Applied Information and Communication Technology

Graduated 2017

Focus areas of my course included:

  • Programming Concepts and Algorithms
  • Functional programming languages
  • Object oriented programming languages
  • Operating System Configuration
  • Web application building (PHP with PL/SQL)

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